Mega list of 50+ unique side hustle ideas

Side hustles and small side business can be a lot of work, but side hustles and small side businesses can also be so rewarding! A lot of the time it is hard to find a side hustle or small business that works for you, and that is why I have created this mega list to get you inspired!

By definition, a side hustle is not the same thing as a part time job. It's a side job that you do in your spare time to earn income.

If you’re a little nervous about launching your side hustle, or wanting ideas on where to start, then click around my site to get all my top tips!

Mega list of 50+ side hustle or small side business ideas

  • An e-book about your talent. Make sure it’s niche.

  • Blogging

  • Sell study notes

  • Sell your artwork (like I do!)

  • Invest in the share market

  • Uber driver

  • Sell your photography

  • Custom sewing and clothing alterations

  • Be a youtuber

  • Sell succulents

  • Sober drive

  • Digitise people’s photos

  • Create scrapbooks for people

  • Make custom shoes/jackets

  • Proofreader

  • Be a party princess/superhero for kids parties

  • DJ

  • House/Pet sitting

  • Dog walking

  • Tutoring

  • Selling stock photos

  • Formal hair/make-up

  • Transcribing

  • Design wedding and birthday invitations

  • Sell used clothes

  • Resell thrifted clothes

  • Work as a virtual assistant

  • Clean houses

  • Street busker or entertainer

  • Social media management

  • Sports referee

  • SEO services and consultancy

  • Rent a room on Airbnb

  • Brand ambassador

  • Secret shopper

  • Teach an exercise class (e.g., Zumba)

  • Create arts and crafts to sell

  • Run a farmer’s market food stall

  • Teach first aid courses

  • Participate in research focus groups

  • Start public speaking and MC’ing

  • Handcraft jewellery

  • Take online surveys

  • Write a novel

  • Sell electronics for parts

  • Participate in a medical study

  • Clean or organize someone's house

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Podcasting

  • Cover Letter and Resume Service

  • Upcycle furniture

  • Party planning service

  • Photography