How to make your flat feel like home on a budget


Whether you’re living in your first , second or third student flat at University and relying on StudyLink, or you’re a YoPro trying to live the dream on a small salary, there’s no reason why you should have to put up with a lifeless and dull looking flat.

Sure, we may not be able to fix the exterior anytime soon, but it’s always so nice (& in our opinion better for your mental health!) if you walk into a nice, homely-feeling flat that is well decorated.

Decorating your flat may seem slightly unachievable with a limited disposable income, but trust us, with a small budget, you can make it happen!

Here are some of our top tricks & tips to making your flat feel like home on a budget.

Adjust Lighting

Instead of always relying on the main light, add some floor or table lamps around your bedroom or lounge areas. You can easily change up the feel and ambiance of a room by zoning your area with the lamps, by switching them on in the evenings instead of your main light. This helps to create cosy corners and a feeling of relaxation, which a bright overhead light doesn’t achieve.

Also - twinkle lights can be cute, fun and cosy in any room!

Style books and plants

Use books and plants as decorations. Books can be great to add layers to your bedside table or coffee table, just stack them vertically or side by side. They can be arranged by colour, or genre, or just a complete random mix. Plants (real or fake!) bring a bit of life indoors, while the green foliage looks very sophisticated.

Use pillows and throws

Throw pillows and throw rugs are often very underrated. You can grab these things for super cheap and they can instantly change the whole vibe of your room. Add a pop of colour, or tie them in with a theme already running in your space.

Use art

Of course I had to touch on using art to make your flat feel like home! At Signed By T we offer some great, unique art prints on a budget that suit all types of themes and occasions. From inspirational quotes, minimalist prints or bright fun and colourful styles, adding art to your walls or in frames on your duchess or other surfaces can really bring life to your dreary flat.