The best inspirational gallery wall ideas

Gallery Walls can be one of the cheapest and best looking ways to decorate and switch up up your home. These days you can get some great pieces of art for cheap (even free!) and you can it is easy to mix and match different prints and artworks to create different atmospheres and feels in your space.

Here are some of our favourite gallery wall inspos at the moment.

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Clipboard Gallery Wall

Clipboard Gallery Wall

The clipboard gallery wall is a great, cost effective way to do your gallery wall. For family homes it can add a great ‘rustic’ touch to the area, and for students bedrooms or door rooms it can be a great fun way to spruce up your space, while still looking academic!

Clipboards can be picked up from any stationary shops, or places like The Warehouse or Kmart and can be hung by using Command Strips, pins or nails.

Another great thing we love about using clipboards for gallery walls, is that it is super easy when it comes to wanting to change up the artwork you have on display. Simply slip out the old art, and place a new one in!

Recreate this look using our Frida print, our Love On Top print and our Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda print.

Washi Tape Gallery Wall

Washi Tape Gallery Wall

Like the clipboard gallery wall, the washi tape gallery wall is also a super cost effective way to decorate your home and display your art prints.

Washi tape come in a range of different colours and styles and can be brought for just a couple of dollars per roll.

When doing washi tape gallery walls, it can be fun to play around with different colours and textures of tape to further add to your wall.

Washi tape gallery walls also make it super easy to change out your artwork when you are wanting to freshen up your space.

Recreate this look using our Yeah, Yeah Durries print, our Yeah The Girls print and our Born In The 90’s print.

Plain, Unframed Gallery Wall

Boho gallery wall

For a more simple, stripped back look, unframed gallery walls can be a great look. Using simple Blu-Tack or Command Strips, you can place and arrange your art prints like posters on your wall.

Recreate this look using our Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda print, our Rock On Hon print and our Good Vibes Only print.

Bold & Bright Gallery Wall

bright gallery wall

If you really want to make a statement in your home, bold and bright gallery walls can be the best assets! One of the most important things when creating bold and bright gallery walls is to not be afraid to let your personality shine through. Don’t pay too much attention to the colours, if it is bright it will look great!

When creating a bright and bold gallery wall, you can use washi tape as frames to add a further pop of colour, or use something like a range of nice black frames to add a bit of hard structure to the look.

Recreate this print using our Vans Old Skool print, our I Love It print and our 6ix9ine print.

Monochrome Gallery Wall

monochrome gallery wall

Monochrome gallery walls are a great, modern looking way to display art. Using art that features simply black and white can be a lovely, unintrusive way to display art in your home. Black, white or wooden frames always look great with this type of gallery wall.

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