The apps I use the most when running my small side business


When starting your small business or side hustle, it is so easy to get stuck in a wormhole of app reviews and other articles on what apps are needed to run a small business or side hustle. But truth be told, you can easily overdo it on the app front and you end up with a whole lot of useless, unhelpful apps that end up taking precious space on your phone or tablet.

I run a small side hustle called Signed By T where I sell my artwork and designs in (mostly) printable formats. I rely heavily on social media, like Instagram and Pinterest, to get my products out there and in people’s faces. By far, those two social media accounts would be my most used apps when it comes to running my side hustle, but there are also a few others that I use. You will notice that a large majority of the other apps I use are somehow linked back to those two social media apps.


Unfold is my go to app when I am making Instagram stories. I have also noticed it’s templates popping up on Pinterest too. It’s slick, easy designs are perfect for achieving the ‘aesthetically pleasing’ look without having to try too hard.

There are some free options, but I have invested in a few of the paid template packs and I 100% have made my moneys worth out of them.

Unfold is super common amongst bloggers, or those who are selling physical products.

Insta Preview

This app is great if you use Instagram for your business (which you should!). Insta Preview - or similar apps - are an easy way to plan out your upcoming content and check that your social aesthetic and theme is still looking good.


I’m obsessed with VSCO cam. VSCO is a free photo editing app that I use all the time on my personal feed and my Signed By T feed too. VSCO offers so many options for filters, and one of my favourite hacks is going into Pinterest, searching ‘VSCO filters’ and using some of the filters other users have created.

Adobe Lightroom

If you find yourself a bit of a VSCO whizz and want to take the next step up, I 1000% investing your time in Adobe Lightroom. It’s a little tricker than VSCO, but the results from editing on the app is superb. I have my own set of presets I use when it comes to editing, but you can purchase presets from bloggers or photographers too. They are a great, easy way to edit your photos.

Google Suite

Google Suite is seriously a lifesaver when it comes to running my business. I use Google Docs, Google Sheets and my Gmail account all the time, and thanks to Google Suit I can easily switch between my phone and my computer for work. The auto save feature has saved my bum too many times to count and i’ve never encountered bugs or anything of the sort (touch wood) while using Google Suite.


I don’t use Trello as much as I used to, but I still absolutely adore it and hands down would call it my favourite app/website when it comes to productivity. You can create cards and organize them into columns. It’s great for planning upcoming things you need to do, a way to map out the products you are selling, outline posts for your blog and a lot more.

What are some of your favourite apps for your side biz?